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Scholarship Description

WoGP  grants  the  digital  marketing  scholarships  on  a  competitive  basis  to  undergraduate  and  graduate  students  majoring  in  marketing  and  are  committed  to  pursuing  a  career  in  the  field.

Scholarships  are  awarded  on  the  basis  of  academic  excellence  and  demonstrated  interest  in  the  industry.

You  will  be  judged  based  on  various  attributes  such  as  clarity,  style,  use  of  words  and  using  data  to  support  claims.  Furthermore,  be  sure  to  make  strong  points  regarding  the  current  trends  and  where  they  may  lead  in  the  future.

Quick Facts

Total scholarship value: 

 –  $2000/ 3 Students


 –  Full-time University student

 –  One entry per scholarship per student.

Prizes awarded by: –  SocialFolloers Digital Marketing Team Reach us for more info at:

Scholarship 1 topic

 –  The evolution of social media over the past 5 years scholarship

Scholarship 2 topic

 –  5 ways to improve your google ranking as a company scholarship

Application Deadline: –  31.12.2018

Type: –  1,500 to 2,000 word essay

Topic & Title: –  The evolution of Social Media over the past 5 years

Application Deadline: –  31.12.2018

Type: –  1,500 to 2,000 word essay

Topic & Title: –  5 Ways To Improve Your Google Ranking As A Company


All student applying for the Social Followers digital marketing scholarship must:


 – U.S. citizen or permanent resident

 – Enrolled in an accredit two-year or four-year institution

 – Averaging a GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

 –  Commitment to pursuing a career in marketing

 –  All Applicants took two or more college level marketing courses

By participating you are authorizing Social Followers to use your content at its discretion for publishing or marketing purposes without requiring permission from the writer. Your personal details along with the submission will not be disclosed to other parties.

Submission And Entry

 –  Entries for eligible candidates are completely free

 –  You can use the form below to submit your content.

 –  Along with your submission in the document, please add the following details

 –  Name of college/university

 –  Course engaged

 –  Proof that you are currently studying

 –  Your college/university email address

You will judged based on various attributes like clarity, style, use of words, using data to support claims, etc. Make strong points regarding trends currently and extrapolate them to paint a picture of the future.

Your personal details along with the submission will not be disclosed to other parties.

All the best!

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Recent Social Follower Digital Marketing Scholarship Awards!

Recent Scholarship Awards:

Mary Jane Smith

I am not just stating this given that I received the scholarship, however scholarships worth this much are actually a large help when you think about how much it costs to study in the United States today. Many of my friends had to make compromises on the school they wanted to go due to their financial situation. Luckily, I had the chance to get this Scholarship!

Luisa Maria Perez

When I first looked at the tuition fees of my prefered colleges I was quite shocked. I knew, I had to go the extra mile to get funding so I can attend my prefered college. Luckily my passion for Marketing made it almost easy to win the scholarship. I am very thankful and happy for the opportunity.

Fred Jones

I am currently working on my Masters. As an undergraduate I already knew that grad school will cost me a fortune. That is why every single penny helps.