Rick and Morty Bong – Stoner Rick

  • Stoner Rick themed bong
  • Light and Portable
  • Cools down smoke
  • Premium glass
  • Unique Rick and Morty bong
  • 8 inches tall
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Product Description

Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1 Option A

Free Stoner Rick – Rick and Morty Bong

Get blasted with this awesome Rick and Morty themed glass bong. This unique water pipe features four cool Rick and Morty bong designs as well as three ice pinches. Check out the other four versions of this bong.

Rick and Morty Bong Details

Height: 8 Inches
Price: $62.95
Base: Beaker
Theme: Stoner Rick
Designs: 4
Placements: 13
Weight: ca. 12.5oz
Thickness: 5mm

Four Stoner Designs

For this particular bong style, we chose four types of designs to cluster this 8 inches glass piece. A total of 13 placements are used to create this unique look. The main theme: Stoner Rick!

1. The Stoner Rick

Stoner Rick plus the famous “Rick and Morty” title is found at the very front of the tube as well as on the beaker base’s back. Rick’s face can be found two more times around the glass surface.

2. The Cromulon Dabber

Rick enjoying a smooth, sticky cromulon can be found twice on the base, as well as two times on the tube.

3. The Stoner Duo

The Stoner Duo can be found one time at the back of the tube, just in between the two Cognition Amplifiers.

4.  The Cognition Amplifier

Four times is the Cognition Amplifier used, both on the side of the beaker base as well as two times on the back of the tube.

Features of this Rick and Morty Water Pipe

This particular glass piece comes with a few cool features that will not only enhance the effect of your herb but also make the bong super convenient and easy to use.

Ice Pinches

Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1 Option 1 Ice Pinches

Ice pinches are designed to hold small ice cubes that cool down the smoke enabling you to take much smoother hits without any coughing. Option A comes with 3 ice pinches that are located right at the bottom of the glass tube so there is plenty of space for roughly five small ice cubs.

Beaker Base Splash Guard

The beaker base splash guards prevent the water from being pulled up when initiation on a hit. They basically keep your mouth dry and the water inside the beaker, no matter how hard you pull on it.

Integrated Downstem

The integrated downstem does not only filter your smoke through the water, but it also provides the convenience of easy transportation and fast cleaning.

Removable Glass Bowl

The only removable part is the 14.4mm glass bowl that is specifically designed to match the shape of this Rick and Morty water pipe. The glass bowl should only be used with a small metal screen filter for easier cleaning.

Thick Mouthpiece

An extra thick mouthpiece not only looks awesome, but it also provides a larger surface for your lips to seal out the air while taking a hit.



Four More Rick and Morty Bong Styles

Rick and Morty Glass Bong Collection 1

Our first Rick and Morty Bong Collection comes in five unique styles each featuring three ice pinches, an attached downstem as well as a removable 14.4mm glass bowl. You find the entire collection here.

Over 30 More Options

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Bowl, Removable Downstem

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beaker base





16 reviews for Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1 | Stoner Rick | 8 Inches Ice Bong


Best one for the buck easily 60 bucks in stores easy to clean.


Nice little guy.


Got high as fuck and puked all over myself xD.


solid piece, love it.


awesome product exactly as pictured great quality hits well.


super cute piece very well made :).


Discreet shipping enjoyed.


So dope arts on point just way smaller than expected but it’s still really dope in-line Perk is great!


Nice item, thanks.


can’t beat the price for such an aesthetically pleasing beaker bong.


Super fast shipping! Great bong! Thanks!


i love this item. it came beautifully packaged and functions very well. it feels heavy and high quality, and the price was unbelievable. i easily would have paid 3-4 times this price at a local store.


Great quality a lil small but beautiful.


Great product, well packed, highly satisfied!


Nice glass pipe and fast shipping.


thick glass, little smaller than imagined but honestly rips fine. perfect little bong. very satisfied.

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