For seriously smooth hits!

  • Height: 9 inches
  • Double arm suspended recycler
  • Pure silver fuming throughout
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Product Description

This 9″ Fumed Recycler Water Pipe features a recycler for recirculating and condensing smoke, a showerhead perc for extreme diffusion, beautiful fumed golden glass, raised marbles for a bubbly look and feel, fixed glass down stem with a groundless 14mm F joint and a bent neck mouthpiece. Matching glass funnel herb slide w/ handle included.

Designed by Sesh Supply and named after Apollo, the Greek God of the Sun, this fancy golden bong is a popular recycler for seriously smooth hits!

  •  Bent Neck
  •  Branded Glass
  •  Fixed Downstem
  •  Fumed
  •  Fumed Glass
  •  Handheld
  •  Includes Bowl
  •  Gold Decal
  •  Polished Joint
  •  Recycler
  •  Scientific Glass
  •  Showerhead
  •  Uses 14mm Male Bow

Additional information


Glass Bowl

Base Type

beaker base






9 inches


Coloring, Perculator

Joint Size

14.5 mm


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