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(13) White Bongs For Sale

  • 9 inches tall
  • Pick between green, pink, blue or red
  • Water faucet themed glass bong
  • Matching 14.4mm bowl included
  • 2-tone frosted glass
  • Blue and white colored
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  • Standing at 16″ tall
  • High quality 7mm borosilicate glass
  • Ice catchers
  • Thick base
  • Matching accents
  • Spacious beaker base
  • Phoenix brand
  • Pick between blue, black, or green
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The Ice Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens!

  • 10.5 inches tall
  • Extra thick 7mm glass
  • Comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Removable downstem
  • Plated glass design
  • Ice catchers
in stock

A watchful guardian over your hits!

  • Pick between Blue, Green and Black
  • Towering at 18″ tall
  • Matching glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Matching detachable downstem
  • Colored 8-arm percolator
  • 8 inches tall
  • Pick between blue, black, clear or green
  • 3 ice carbs
  • 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Colored honeycomb percolator
in stock

Minimalistic glass beaker bong with colored accents

  • Slightly tinted borosilicate glass
  • Stands not too tall at 8” for convenient carrying
  • Variety of 5 available colors
  • Non-fixed downstem
  • Beaker-based for stability on any surface
  • Plenty of space for your herb with the included 14.4mm bowl

All choices in this Matrix lead to a heavy rip!

  • Optimal height of 10″
  • Features a Matrix perc
  • Pick between 6 colors
  • Unique multicolored design
  • 18.8mm glass bowl included
in stock
  • Stands 9″ tall
  • Pink and white colored glass
  • Custom made Ice Cream bong
  • Comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Diffuser percolator
  • Double colored glass straw
in stock
  • 10″ tall
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Glow in the dark piece
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
  • Colored glass all over
  • Ice carbs
  • Pick between red, green, purple, and blue
  • 9 inches tall
  • 4 styles to pick from
  • Water faucet themed glass bong
  • Matching 14.4mm bowl included
  • 2-tone frosted glass
  • Blue and white colored

The one honey pot you’ll want to fall into!

  • Convenient height of 12.5″
  • Extra thick 7mm durable glass
  • Pick between Blue, White or Pink
  • Detachable downstem
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Honey Bee themed design

Double Percs? Double Rainbow?

  • 3 color schemes to pick from
  • Hefty at 14″ tall
  • Comes with a glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Double Percs
in stock

Better have some manners before taking that hit!

  • Compact at 12″ tall
  • pick between green, amber, pink and white
  • Featuring double percs
  • Matching accents
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included

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