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8.5″ Rotating DNA Glass Bong!

  • 8.5 inches tall
  • Rotating DNA percolator
  • Pick between green and blue
  • Honeycomb percolator
  • Matching 14.4mm bowl included
  • Colored 5mm thick glass
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The only water level you’ll actually enjoy!

  • 11.5 inches tall
  • Super Mario themed glass bong
  • Multicolored glass
  • Unique hand-blown bong
  • 14.4mm themed glass bowl included
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Take a Hit and let that Diva spin!

  • Multi-tone tinted glass
  • Stands at a convenient 7.5″ tall
  • Matching glass bowl included 
  • Pick from Green, Pastel Pink and Purple
  • Features a revolving Perc
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Double Percs? Double Rainbow?

  • 3 color schemes to pick from
  • Hefty at 14″ tall
  • Comes with a glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Double Percs
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A watchful guardian over your hits!

  • Pick between Blue, Green and Black
  • Towering at 18″ tall
  • Matching glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Matching detachable downstem
  • Colored 8-arm percolator
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Tokes as mighty as Zeus himself!

  • Stands at 18″ tall
  • Matching Recycler glass Perc
  • Chillable Glycerin cell
  • Pick from Green, Black and Blue
  • 2-part modular design
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  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • Super Mario hand-crafted design
  • Conveniently blown at 11.5″ tall
  • Multi-tone tinted glass
  • Limited hand-made piece
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Hits that will leave you spacing-out!

  • Features a Spaceball Perc
  • Pick from Purple, Pink, Lime and Blue
  • Above orbit at 9.5 inches
  • Triple-matching accents
  • Comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Phoenix decal
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Why pick a Perc when you can have both?!

  • Pick from Pink, Purple, Green and classic Clear
  • Handheld at 9.5″ tall
  • Features a Matrix and Recycler Perc
  • Tripe matching accents
  • Comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl
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Batten down your hatches for this Tropical Shower!

  • Pick between Blue, Pink and Green
  • Small and portable at 6″ tall
  • Comes with a glass bowl
  • Triple matching accents
  • Features a colored Showerhead Perc
  • Phoenix Decal
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Cartoon Themed Perc Bong

  • Cartoon themed
  • Percolator in place
  • 5mm thick glass
  • 5 inches tall
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
in stock

This one might sting a little… twice!

  • Towering at 17″ tall
  • Durable 5mm thick glass
  • Matching ice notches
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • Choose from Blue or Green
  • Phoenix decal
  • Colored double Honeycomb Percs

Percolator Bongs – buy the best percolator bong for sale at the cheapest price possible. Shop from the largest online selection of percolator glass bongs starting at just $34.99. ✅FREE US ShippingUS Based Cheap Prices50+ Percolator Bongs

Buy The Best Cheap Percolator Bong for Sale Online

Percolator bongs are engineered to maximize the filtration of your herb, leaving only the purest hits to reach your lips while you sit back and watch the bubbly show. All of our percolator bongs are hand-made out of high-quality borosilicate glass and shipped in discreet packaging from our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Percolation is a term that sounds closer to what coffee, so what is it doing describing a bong?  Even some veteran tokers aren’t familiar with perc bongs so you’d be in good company not knowing yet.  The rest of this page is dedicated to bringing the wonder of percolator bongs to the surface.

Why Buy a Percolator Bong Online?

Percolation is the term given to the action of bubbling a liquid.  Remember blowing into your milk with a straw?  Just like that. Here are the top 4 reasons, why good percolation means better bong rips.

  1. Maximize filtration for cleaner, healthier hits As the raw smoke passes through the bong water, impurities are pulled from the smoke you then inhale.  A good percolator bong forces the pockets of smoke through in a way to maximize filtration compared to cheap bongs.
  2. Fuller taste As the soot and charred plant matter are pulled from the weed smoke, they are trapped in that bong water that inevitably gets tossed out on the front porch.  That leaves you with the good chemicals and the distinctive taste; a glass bong does this, but a glass percolator bong does it even better.
  3. Way less coughing If you seize up over a joint or pipe smoke and it turns you off to the whole thing, you might be particularly sensitive to smoke.  Protect your lungs by filtering out all the bad impurities in your smoke.
  4. Mesmerizing looks Up till now you’d be forgiven to think that a regular bong and a good perc bong are the same thing.  Both do about the same thing for your experience, though a perc bong does it better.  A good percolator bong also happens to look so much better doing it!

Pick up a percolator bong for smoother hits and do it in style with cool bubble effects.

How do Perc Bongs Work?

Percolator bongs work by forcing the inhaled smoke into smaller and smaller channels.  These air channels allow for a higher surface area to come in contact with the water and so give it more chance to clean the smoke. This leaves you with a smooth and pure smoking experience.

Different Types of Percolator Bongs

Choosing the type of percolator bong is perhaps the single biggest reason to go with a good perc bong.  There’s many to choose from:

Honeycomb Perc

Think of a gooey slice of honey comb – a sheet of symmetric pockets dipped in sweetness.  Hollow it out.  Send your filtration medium through it.  The result is a cascade of tiny bubbles and a nifty looking piece of glass.

Tree Perc

Tree percs are actually exactly like their namesake.  When you draw on the percolator bong it pulls water up from the root in the basin, water mixes with air in the canopy and you breathe in the sublime air!

Inline Perc

Inlines are named so because the perc is built in line with the downstem.  This makes a long and narrow basin that looks like an aquarium filter in the middle.  A description too true, as the exposed surface area allows for deep percolation every time.

Matrix Perc

Enter the matrix with a clean and efficient matrix perc bong.  These bongs draw the smoke in through a cylinder of channels.  Bubbles get rinsed like a high efficiency washing machine and scrub your hit clean.

Turbine Perc

Feel the tension building with this percolator.  You’ll need draw longer than most bongs to build up a whirlpool in the extended basin.  Once the funnel reaches the top it breaks apart into a turbulent spray of bubbles.

Fritted Disc Perc

Fritted glass is made by fusing together small bits of glass into a filter.  Fritted glass is used in laboratory settings to filter or sparge.  An extracting technique means clinical results from these percs.

Showerhead Perc

Like the name implies, showerhead percolators make squeaky clean hits.  They do this by separating the column of raw smoke into the water basin through a glass piece that looks a lot like a showerhead.

Spiral Perc

Spiral percs look like someone dipped a crazy straw in your bong.  These brightly colored glass percolators sacrifice boring efficiency for a wealth of style and fun.  If you’re the kind to to wear a purple top-hat and open a chocolate factory, this one is an easy choice.

Downstem Perc

If you’re lucky you can bring your perc with you on your stem.  These compact little percolators can be attached to any cheap bong to upgrade its filtration factor to something more palatable.

Custom Percs

Often a hybrid of 2 or more styles or sometimes a completely newfangled invention.  Custom percs can blow you away if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd!

The Best and Coolest Percolator Bongs

Our best and coolest selection is just that- the best, and cool as hell.  If you’re looking for a new percolator bong but unsure of where to start,  this selection offers some solid choices to start your search.

Cheap Percolator Bongs for Sale

For the savvy smoker, try our cheap percolator bong selection.  Prices start at just $34.95! Check out our weekly deals for the cheapest percolator bongs with up to 50% off.

Percolator Bongs FAQ’s

Are your perc bongs shipped discreetly? All of our percolator bongs are being shipped discreetly out of Salt Lake City, Utah. We only use USPS First Class Mail in discreet, generic shipping boxes. This means your glass percolator bong will arrive within 2-4 days after you’ve placed the order. After you’ve placed your order, you will automatically receive an email with the USPS tracking number.

Can I return my perc bong? If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 10 days to return the unused percolator bong. We will refund you the full amount as soon as we receive the bong back.

Why do people use percolator bongs? Percolator bongs have a built-in bubbler that increases the contact your smoke has with the bong water. This not only cleans your hit better but also makes for a smoother feel.  Percolator bongs are a significant upgrade from the standard stuff.

Are perc bongs a healthier way to smoke? Yes, but marginally.  One could argue that because the perc does a better job of filtering out impurities like soot, that it is healthier.  Certainly you will notice less side effects like congestion afterwards.

Do percolator bongs hurt your lungs? Easy does it.  Even the best percolator bongs are subject to the same expectations one should have for all bongs.  Most novices seize up and begin to cough after a huge hit. Bongs, however, are perhaps the safest way to smoke as have been tested among users the world over for thousands of years.

How much do percolator bongs cost? A new percolator bong can cost you anything between $40 on the cheaper side up to $150 on the premium end.  Perc bongs tend to be slightly more expensive than regular bongs since they come with a built-in percolator. At WoGP, we always offer a competitive price starting at just $34.95 incl. FREE US shipping. Be sure to check back for the weekly sales as sometimes perc bongs do show up there.

How do you clean a percolator bong? A good percolator bong is to be cleaned just like any regular bong. Stop at the drug store and pick up some rubbing alcohol. Mix the rubbing alcohol with salt. Bathe your bong in the solution for 2 hours and rinse with ice-cold water. Violá!

Why Buy Your Next Perc Bong from WoGP?

If you are looking to buy your very first unique glass percolator bong, you came to the right online headshop. Not only do we offer free shipping, but we also carry the largest percolator bong selection with a wide range of styles.  All this for the cheapest price guaranteed. Here’s an overview as to why we’re your best friends when it comes to buying a new perc bong.

  1. The largest perc bong selection in the world At WoGP, we strive to offer you the largest varieties of the many kinds of perc bongs. From trees, to built-in, to intense visuals, we carry the largest selection of percolators found online.  If you’re looking for something specific, WoGP has you covered.
  2. Bubble up fast and free with 3-day delivery Please allow 2-3 days once shipped.  We offer free shipping through USPS First Class Mail for piece of mind.  All of our glass pieces are discreetly and fragile proof packaged and shipped.  Waiting for a new percolator bong doesn’t have to be a drag.
  3. Cheapest prices on good percolator bongs If you shop at WoGP, you never have to worry about over-priced cheap percolator bongs. We offer our most affordable models at $34.95. We make sure that our prices are always the lowest compared to industry standards.  We also offer deeper discounts on our weekly sales.
  4. Secure and safe payment You can conveniently pay for your percolator bong over VISA, MasterCard, or via eBay, with PayPal. All of your data is protected and should you be unhappy with your new bong, you can always return it unused within 10 days, free of charge.

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