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Don’t worry it’s not a Spring exclusive..yet

  • Optimal height of 10″ tall
  • Hand-painted unique design
  • A variety of 8 colors to choose from
  • Included ice catchers
  • Glow in the dark 
  • Detachable downstem
  • Beaker base for cooler smoke
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Meet your new best bud!

  • Tinted accents
  • Optimal 8″ height
  • Comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Pick from 5 aesthetic options
  • Detachable downstem
in stock

Double Percs? Double Rainbow?

  • 3 color schemes to pick from
  • Hefty at 14″ tall
  • Comes with a glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Double Percs
in stock

A watchful guardian over your hits!

  • Pick between Blue, Green and Black
  • Towering at 18″ tall
  • Matching glass bowl
  • Ice catchers
  • Matching detachable downstem
  • Colored 8-arm percolator
in stock

Tokes as mighty as Zeus himself!

  • Stands at 18″ tall
  • Matching Recycler glass Perc
  • Chillable Glycerin cell
  • Pick from Green, Black and Blue
  • 2-part modular design
in stock

Minimalistic, sleek and straight to the point! (and your head)

  • Standing at 12″ tall
  • GRAV Labs decal
  • Choose between 6 colors
  • Comes with glass bowl and downstem
  • Extra thick ice catchers
in stock

The one honey pot you’ll want to fall into!

  • Convenient height of 12.5″
  • Extra thick 7mm durable glass
  • Pick between Blue, White or Pink
  • Detachable downstem
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Honey Bee themed design
in stock

This one might sting a little… twice!

  • Towering at 17″ tall
  • Durable 5mm thick glass
  • Matching ice notches
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • Choose from Blue or Green
  • Phoenix decal
  • Colored double Honeycomb Percs

Ice Bongs – buy the best ice bong for sale at the cheapest price possible. Shop from the largest online selection of ice catcher glass bongs starting at just $29.95. ✅FREE US ShippingUS Based Cheap Prices50+ Ice Bongs

Buy The Best Cheap Ice Catcher Glass Bong for Sale Online

Ice bongs enable you to take extra deep, ice-cold hits from the bong without a single cough. All of our ice bongs are hand-made out of high-quality borosilicate glass and shipped discreetly out of our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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An Ice bong is a unique type of bong that comes with an built-in chilling feature.  These bongs use ice carbs, ice catchers, or freezable glycerin coil to achieve this. So some people know them as ice catcher bongs.

Why Buy an Ice Bong Online?

There are a lot of advantages for bongs that come with this integrated ice feature. Here are the top 4 reasons, why people have been swearing on ice bongs, even doing them at home.

  1. No more coughs By forcing the smoke to pass through the frozen ice cubes, the temperature rapidly dips to near freezing. The ice-cold smoke does not trigger any type of burning sensation in the lungs and throat, making it the smoothest way to enjoy your weed.
  2. Long lasting, ice cold sessions The ice will naturally start melting and dripping slowly into the water chamber of the bong as you smoke. The cold water of the ice cubes chill down the temperature of the smoke even more, creating a long-lasting smooth smoke experience.
  3. Taste your weed  When you inhale cold smoke, you excite your sense of taste, your taste buds become more alive. Just like taking a n ice cold shower. This excitement of your taste buds enables you to really taste your weed.  If you’re wondering what all the buzz about citrus in sativa, wait till you try this.
  4. The deepest hits ever  Ice bongs enable you to take the deepest hits possible. Smooth and cool smoke, doesn’t trigger a coughing fit and . The smoke is so palatable that most people can take much bigger hits and hold their hits longer.

Pick up an ice bong today only if you’re ready for a smoother cooler smoking experience.

The Best and Coolest Ice Bongs

If you are unsure what to go for, have a look at our best and coolest ice bongs for sale. Those are our most popular water ice bongs voted by smoke freezing tokers just like yourself.

How do Ice Bongs Work?

Ice bongs take the cooling effect of bongs one step further by introducing water’s frozen form into the mix.  By passing smoke over freezing cubes of ice the the ice bong rapidly lowers the temp of the smoke.

This leaves you with a smooth and cool smoking experience.

Different Types of Ice Bongs

The ice catchers of a bong come in all types of designs and shapes. The most common ice bongs are the following two:

Ice Catcher Bongs

An Ice catcher is made out of those little ice notches you typically find at the bottom of the tube, right where it attaches to the base of the bong. The ice catcher is made out of a single ice notch, doubles ice notches, or triple ice notches. The ice notches hold on to the ice cubes so they don’t splash into the base until long after you’ve zoned out and moved on.

Freezable Glycerin Coils

Glycerin coils are portable glass devices that can be added to any bong. A Glycerin/Water mix is injected into the walls of the coil so remain liquid at sub zero temps. Just let the glycerin coil sit in the freezer for about 20min and enjoy up to 2 hours of ice-cold smoke. Check out our latest glycerin bongs to get your next extra icy piece!