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Glass Bongs – buy the best glass bong for sale at the cheapest price possible. Shop from the largest online selection of cheap glass water bongs starting at just $19.95. ✅FREE US ShippingUS Based Cheap Prices100+ Glass Bongs

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All of the glass bongs in our collection are made from scientific glass, also known as borosilicate glass. This type of glass has proven to be the most effective as it’s high-quality, durable, yet sleek. This makes it perfect to host just about every design you can think of! If you’re looking for heightened filtration then take a look at our glass percolator bongs, or if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, why not browse our under $100 and under $50 glass bongs. We offer free, fast shipping direct from Salt Lake City with every glass bong order!

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Glass bongs, also referred to as glass water pipes, are a must-have in every stoners collection. They’re durable, pull the best hits, and have the sickest styles of any smoke accessory. Whether you’re after the iciest slaps or the tallest tubes, we’ve got just about every glass bong you imaginable in our range!

Why Buy a Glass Bong?

Glass bongs are everybody’s favorite for a bunch of different reasons. Here’s a few of our favorites:

  1. Smooth smokes Bongs in general, but specifically glass bongs, are one of the nicest ways to smoke. They provide a clean, cool hit that is much easier on the throat than a joint or handheld pipe.
  2. Cleanliness Bongs are also one of the easiest and cleanest ways to smoke. They’re super easy to keep clean, and are much easier to setup than trying to roll a joint (especially when you’re already high!). If you keep on top of cleaning your bong, you’re guaranteed a smooth smoke every time.
  3. Durability Glass bongs are one of the more durable contraptions to help you get high. They won’t get wet in your pocket if it rains like joint papers, and they won’t break easily like vapes. They’re made from incredibly thick scientific glass, making them resistant to most accidental scrapes and bumps.
  4. Longer sessions Because you’re getting a smoother, nicer smoke from a glass water pipe, you can make your smoke sessions much longer. No more giving up after you get that burning feeling in your throat from a joint. You can hit a bong pretty much all day, building your high gradually, rather than having it hit you all at once.

So if you want better hits for longer sessions, a good quality glass bong is definitely worth the investment!

The Best and Coolest Glass Bongs

Don’t know where to start? No problem. With over 80% of our collection being glass bongs, it can be overwhelming! Here’s some of the most popular glass bongs we stock to get you started.

What are Glass Bongs and How Do They Work?

Bongs are simply any smoking device where you pack the weed into a small bowl which has a stem attached – this stem gets inserted into a tube filled with water. When you burn the cannabis, the bong filtrates smoke through producing bubbles which allow the vapor to rise. Glass bongs are simply bongs made from our strongest borosilicate glass to provide you with clean, durable smokes! Borosilicate glass is a type of strong, scientific glass which contains a substance called boron trioxide. This substance prevents the glass from shattering or cracking when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Types of Glass Bongs Available

Glass bongs don’t just come in one uniform shape, size, or color. They come in an array of types and styles:

Ice Glass Bongs

Ice Glass Bongs are glass bongs that have a feature which allows you to  insert ice cubes (or freeze a glycerin coil). They have arms or a ‘pinch’ at the bottom of the bong tube which can hold ice. Using an ice carb cools down the smoke massively before it reaches your throat, making it much cooler and easier on the lungs. It provides a lighter smoke and is slightly healthier as you don’t cough as much.

Percolator Glass Bongs

A percolator is a type of filtration device within the glass bong. They come in a variety of styles and shapes – honeycomb percs, matrix percs, etc. – which each have a different visual effect. Overall, they all achieve the same goal – filtering the smoke more before you inhale it. This helps to get rid of anything nasty in your smoke, as well as enhancing the flavor of your weed and making it smoother to intake.

Big Glass Bongs

Glass bongs don’t just have to be small, girly glass bongs. They can be as huge as you like! We stock a wide variety of sizes, all the way up to 18 inches. The bigger the bong, the bigger the toke! If you’re a strong smoker, it’s always a good idea to size up when investing in a new premium glass bong.

Small Glass Bongs

Not quite up to the big lung-fillers yet? Don’t worry. We also carry a huge range of small bongs. Whether you’re after a cute, girly glass bong (which are often slightly smaller), or something a little more portable and party-friendly, then a small glass bong is definitely the way to go.

Beaker Glass Bongs

The famous bong for the science nerds – beaker glass bongs! These bongs have a straight tube with a conical shaped base. Not only is this well-known shape the most popular glass bong base type, but it serves a function – beakers can hold more water than other types of base, which increases the filtration level.

Straight Tube Glass Bongs

Straight tube glass bongs are another classic – they’re simply one long tube with no widening at the base. Some people prefer a straight tube as their shape means they can be transported and stored more easily. They’re also often taller than their beaker counterparts, which gives you the potential for bigger hits.

Girly Glass Bongs

Looking for that special something for your loved one? Or if you’re a female stoner looking for something a little bit edgy, WoGP has you covered with some beautiful girly glass bongs. These bongs come in pink, purple, and more girly colors, and feature your favorite feminine mascots such as Hello Kitty.

Glass Thickness

Borosilicate glass comes in a range of thicknesses to suit different smoking styles and aesthetics.

5mm Glass

5mm is the standard thickness of glass offered here at WoGP. It’s strong and reliable, but not too chunky. This makes it easy to pick up and carry around as it’s not as weighty as the thicker glass types.

7mm Glass

If you hit the bong pretty hard at high temperatures, or you’re especially clumsy, then 7mm glass might be better suited to you. It’s slightly thicker and heavier than 5mm glass, but not so much that it’s particularly noticeable. It’ll still look super sleek whilst adding that little extra protection.

9mm Glass

Either you’re super clumsy or you’re absolutely blasting your bong. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with our 9mm glass. The thickest that we offer, it’ll pretty much guarantee to prevent you from breakages.

Glass Bongs on Sale

If you’re looking for the newest and hottest deals on exclusive glass bongs for sale, then look no further. WoGP has such a huge stash of glass bongs that we frequently put some on sale as clearance. These are still some of the best bongs around – they’re simply overstocked or haven’t sold due to their unique styles. You’ll find some of the most interesting bongs at the best prices here!

Glass Bongs on a Budget

You shouldn’t be subjected to subpar materials just because your bong budget is looking a little low. At WoGP, all of our glass bongs are made from the same premium borosilicate glass to ensure the highest quality at the cheapest prices.

Glass Bongs under $100

$100 can buy you a whole lot of bong! We have a range of the best glass bongs with awesome features for $100 or less.

Glass Bongs under $75

In our under $75 range, you’ll still find some of the most exclusive glass bongs around. No premium prices here for premium quality!

Glass Bongs under $50

That’s right – we’ve even got scientific glass bongs for less than $50. That includes ice bongs and perc bongs!

Glass Bongs under $30

Some of our best clearance designs are only $30 or not, if you can believe it! Still made from the same great glass as our more expensive pieces.

Glass Bongs under $20

Even if you can only spend as much on a bong as you would on a gram, we’ve got your back. Our glass bongs under $20 are super cute, individual, and top-shelf quality.

Glass Bongs FAQ’s

What glass is used to make your glass bongs?
Borosilicate glass, also known as scientific glass. It is highly resistant to extreme temperature changes.

How durable is the glass?
We use one of the toughest glasses in existence. It’s pretty much heat resistant, meaning it won’t crack when it encounters temperature changes. As long as you’re not throwing it hard on the ground, it won’t smash.

Do glass bongs make your lungs hurt?
Not if you’re using the right amount of water, and especially not if you opt for an ice bong or perc bong. If you’re using a smaller bong with no extra filtration, you might experience a little coughing.

Are glass bongs healthy?
Inhaling any smoke isn’t particularly healthy, and there’s no evidence that bong smoking is healthier than other ways of smoking. However, they are smoother.

What is a glass bong?
A glass bong is a smoking device which you add water to in order to filtrate smoke. A glass one is made from durable borosilicate glass.

What are the advantages of glass bongs?
Stoners love glass bongs for a few reasons. They’re easy to clean, for one. Second, they provide a much smoother smoke than traditional smoking methods such as blunts. They’re much easier to operate than learning how to roll, and also pack bigger hits. They’re also a super fun party trick!

Accessories for glass bongs
There’s a range of accessories available for our premium glass bongs. If you want to upgrade the downsteam or bowl, we offer a variety to fit the bongs we manufacture. There’s also percolators which can be added to regular bongs to make them smoother.

How to clean a glass bong
Many people swear by simply soaking their glass bong in water and giving it a little scrub. Others swear by the rubbing alcohol and salt method – in which you soak the bong in a mixture of the two. It’s up to you how to clean it, but if you don’t want to buy extra supplies, just let it soak a little while before gently giving it a scrub.

How much do glass bongs cost?
WoGP believes everybody should have access to the highest quality smoke products to promote safety while smoking. Our prices start at just $19.95 – we also have a range of bongs below $30, $50, $75, and $100. All are made from borosilicate glass.

How long does it take to ship my glass bong?
We use premium USPS services which ship to you in 1-3 working days from our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What is the returns policy for glass bongs?
If you’re unhappy with your bong and it is completely unused, you can return it to us within 15 days.

Why Get Your Next Glass Bong from WoGP?

There’s so many online headshops that it can be hard to know which one offers the best when it comes to a new glass bong. Here’s why WoGP is the best place to get a premium glass bong.

  1. The largest online collection of glass bongs Over 80% of our styles are made from premium borosilicate glass. That’s hundreds of the most unique glass bongs, all right here on our website!
  2. The best prices for premium glass bongs Starting at just $19.95, there’s a glass bong for you at every price point in our huge range. Whether you’re after the percs or the beakers, pretty glass bongs or extra thick ones, we offer the best deals on all types.
  3. FREE super fast shipping in the US Guaranteed 1-3 day shipping via USPS to anywhere in the USA. Ships straight from Salt Lake City to ensure you get your shiny new piece in the quickest possible time.
  4. Guaranteed secure payment Pay for your gorgeous glass piece using Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. 100% safe, 100% secure.

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