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Call it what you want, cheap bongs are the lowest prices we can afford by getting our bongs in and out the warehouse at the lowest cost to you.  All of our cheap bongs are hand-made out of premium materials and shipped discreetly out of our warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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(70) Cheap Bongs For Sale

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$59.95 $109.95Save 46%
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Get Purified By This Glow In The Dark Flower Bong!

  • 10 inches tall
  • 5 colors available
  • Ice carbs
  • Glows in the dark
  • Removable downstem
out of stock

This mini rig will conjure up some fire in your collection

  • Custom blended exclusive borosilicate colors
  • Silver fumed worked sphere body
  • Fixed three-hole diffused downstem
  • 14mm female joint, comes with clear opal bowl

Cheap is a loaded word.  Most companies would rather not label their goods as cheap, to them it devalues their brand.  At WoGP, we know our customers better.  We know cheap is exactly what you mean when you type “cheap bongs” into the search bar and we’re here to represent affordable glass that works reliably.

How Do We Offer Such Cheap Bongs?

  • Making use of overstock
    As the raw smoke passes through the bong water impurities are pulled from the smoke you then inhale.  A good percolator bong forces the pockets of smoke through in a way to maximize filtration compared to cheap bongs.
  • Promos
    You’ve surely noticed by now that the site is running many discount deals.  These discounts are always rotating.  Check back weekly or sign up for the mailing list to get the next discounted bong before they sell out.
  • Loyalty
    Buying that first bong can come with a lot of pressure.  We always have a few deals running that are priced impossibly low.  Our only reason, to offer those first time customers a great deal.  We hope that your first experience is as great with WoGP as your next.
  • Premium bongs for a fraction of the price
    Our warehouse is designed to run with a large selection that moves fast.  Because of this, we can offer great glass at a low cost.  This helps us because we get to turn over our product quickly.  This helps you because you pay less!

Lot’s of strategy has gone into making WoGP a bargain website that works, we’ve put a lot of thought into making the best cheap bong buying experience.

Types of Cheap Bongs for Sale

At this point you might be thinking that while some bongs are priced at a cheap affordable price that they would be limited to a specific grouping or just a couple token models made of thin glass.  Not so fast!  Take a minute to browse through our cheap bong  varieties.


Bongs come in a wide range of sizes.   To make things easier let’s look at just two.  Cheap Mini Bongs: those that can fit in a fanny pack. Cheap Big Bongs: all the rest.

  1. Cheap mini bongs – link
  2. Cheap big bongs – link


Check out our cheap novelty bongs and gift bongs and key upgraded features.

  1. Cheap percolator bongs
  2. Cheap ice bongs
  3. Cheap colored bongs
  4. Cheap cartoon themed bongs
  5. Cheap Cute girly bongs


We offer both conventional glass and crushable, safe, silicone bongs for cheap.

  1. Cheap glass bongs
  2. Cheap silicone bongs


Whether you like it straight or beaker, these cheap bongs offer the right base for you bong and the right base for your collection.

  1. Cheap beaker base bongs
  2. Cheap straight tube bongs


The best and coolest cheap bongs

The best and coolest are just that.  In this case, the best and coolest cheap bongs are the ones we know are the best deal on the highest quality glass that fit into a tight budget.  Look no further for the cheap bongs proven by consumers to be the best.

  1. Our top cheap bong sellers

Cheap bongs at your price level

All this talk about cheap bongs but no hard numbers.  Broken down for the analytical stoners:

Our top seller for “cheap bongs under $100”  start with what the lucky few might consider cheap.  The bongs in this category are still pricey but have had their price slashed considerably.

Our top seller for “cheap bongs under $50” is where you’ll find a wide variety of bongs.  Many discounted items fall into this category so this can be a good place to start your search.

Our top seller for “cheap bongs under $20” are a rare treat.  Products in this category don’t last long so check back often for new results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large are your discounts on bongs?

Our discounts range from 10% all the way to 50% off of the regular selling price. Each bong and water pipe promotion is different and depends on a lot of factors. Sign-up to our newsletter to stay informed about the newest deals and discounts of the coolest glass bongs for sale available online.

How fast will I get my bong?

All of our bongs and water pipes are shipped FREE within 1 day after purchase. We only use USPS First Class Mail. This means it will only take 1-3 days to arrive at your doorstep after purchasing. All orders are shipped out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Am I allowed to buy cheap bongs for sale online?

Everyone at the age of 18 and older is allowed to buy bongs water pipes for sale online. We ship every order discretely and fragile proof, so no one will see what’s inside. Your personal information is not shared with anyone. There is nothing to worry about when ordering glass bongs online from WoGP.

Are bongs for sale legal?

Yes, bongs are completely legal to buy and use. There is no law that prohibits a person from obtaining or using any type of bong.

How cheap are your bongs?

Our glass bongs start as cheap as $29.95. We always make sure we offer you the largest online selection of bongs at the cheapest price possible.

How can you offer such low prices?

We run weekly promotions with various brands and products and let them compete against each other on our platform. This enables us to offer you larger discounts as well as more options to pick from.

What types of deals are you offering?

We offer huge deals and discounts on all types of bongs such as Glass BongsBeaker BongsThemed BongsBig Bongs and Mini Bongs.

What are cheap bongs for sale?

Bongs for sale are discounted bongs and water pipes that you are able to buy online for a fraction of the original cost. WoGP offers you the largest online selection of bongs for sale online.

Why buy cheap bongs online at WoGP?

At WoGP, we offer you the largest online selection of cheap bongs for sale at the best price possible. Every order benefits from FREE USPS First Class Mail delivery. There is no other online headshop who can match our offers.

Reasons Why to Buy Cheap Bongs for Sale Online at WoGP

Getting an online deal on your next bong can be a frustrating task. That’s why we’ve put together an online checklist for you to go through before buying bongs online.

  1. Price: Is my discount real?
    We understand that the bottom line . Compare how much other online headshops charge for the same product as well as how many deals do they actually offer. If over 50% of their bongs are “on sale”, you are most likely not getting the best deal for your money.
  2. Delivery Time: How long does shipping take?
    It’s not only an act of generosity to buy local. Bongs that come in from overseas can take up to 3 weeks to arrive and are subject to import taxes, passed on to the customer. Our warehouse is located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Being centrally located allows for free fast USPS shipping on all our bongs.
  3. Availability: Is my bong really “in stock”?
    Some online headshops mark their products as “in stock”, when they are actually on backorder or located outside of the US. At WoGP, all of our bongs and water pipes we take a strict definition of “in stock” and you find all our bongs are shipped in 1 day from our Utah warehouse.
  4. Secure Payment: Is your information safe?
    Piece of mind is key when buying paraphernalia online. Not all major payment services take the same approach to protection. At WoGP, we only work with VISA Switzerland and Mastercard Switzerland to ensure we use the latest and best technology to keep your information safe and secure. Our website is also protected with the latest anti-virus software. We will never share or sell any of your data with 3rd parties.