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  • 4″ short and mobile
  • Discreet and pocket-sized
  • Smoked-out white glass
  • GRAV Labs decal
  • Pick between Green, Black, Red and Blue
  • Built-in 14.4mm bowl
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  • Cartoon themed
  • 5mm thick glass
  • 4 inches tall
  • Portable and easy to clean

Bongs Under $20 – buy the best bongs for sale below $20 for the very best online prices! Shop from the largest online selection of bongs under $20 in a range of awesome designs. FREE US ShippingUS Based Cheap Prices20+ Bongs under $20

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Whether you’re an ice king or girly green smoker, it’s easy to get your hands on a high-quality bong for $20 or less. All of our bongs – even the cheapest ones – at all price points are crafted from the same strong scientific glass and indestructible silicone materials to guarantee durability.

Limiting your spending doesn’t mean limiting your choice. We have a whole range full of perc bongs, beaker bongs, and straight tube bongs all for $20 or less!

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