April 25, 2020

The Battle of Battles – Bongs vs. Bubblers

Reading Time: 110 minutes

You’ve saved up some money and you are ready to invest in your first water pipe. However, with all this great selection out there, you are not sure whether to get a bubbler or a bong.Well, before you do that, be sure to get…

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April 19, 2020

How to Best Clean Your Quartz Banger in 7 Easy Steps

Reading Time: 6 minutes

We’ve all been there, you buy yourself a new stylish and clean piece, you take a couple of dabs and find yourself up in the sky – it’s amazing. However, after some time, this stylish and clean piece changes its color and starts to…

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April 18, 2020

The Comprehensive Guide To Ice Bongs

Reading Time: 9 minutes

You’re most likely used to a standard bong, which comes in many types, shapes, and sizes. Or maybe you’ve recently tried one and want to find one that suits your needs.
→ This guide will dive deep into the details about all things related to…

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